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Coaching & Training Programs
Creating a Profitable Hygiene Department
Creating a Profitable Hygiene Department
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1 Source Solutions understands that every dental practice is different, and each practice has its own set of strengths and opportunities. As a dental practice owner, effectively handling the management functions, running the operations of your practice and searching for the solutions to overcome daily challenges of a demanding practice can be daunting and cut into valuable time needed for delivering quality dental care to your patients.

With more than 25 years of experience in all facets of dental practice management, 1 Source Solutions offers customized solutions designed for your specific practice needs. Our comprehensive programs provide you and your team with the business tools and practical advice needed to realistically achieve your goals for a sustainable and thriving practice.

If you’re ready to develop a plan that keeps your team focused on improved operational and financial results, let’s schedule time to talk about how 1 Source Solutions can help grow your practice and identify areas that present opportunity for more value and more profit!




What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “I had the great pleasure of working directly under Ramona, and received great experience and education that has helped me grow professionally within my career. She gave me a great opportunity that helped me utilize my talents and develop my creative skills as well. I appreciate everything Ramona has done for me both personally and professionally.

    Through her wisdom, creativity, and work ethic I believe Ramona can help any practice achieve their fullest potential. I would recommend her to all industry’s seeking a true business development specialist”
  • “Ramona Colbert has been invaluable in the success of my dental practices. She has the innate ability to identify employees’ strengths and works to motivate them to perform to their fullest potential.

    Ramona is a consummate professional who always delivers at the highest level and goes above and beyond expectations. She is very passionate, ethical and knowledgeable. Ramona has years of experience in dental operations and systems. She can help any dental practice to become efficient and profitable.

    I recommend Ramona to any dentist or dental practice looking to achieve highest level of success and prosperity.”
  • “It has been such a great experience working with Ramona Colbert. She has identified areas of opportunity for increased profitability and worked with me to develop goals for our practice.

    My hygiene department has increased by over 100%. Ramona has developed and implemented operational and human resource management systems.

    I am grateful for her support, guidance and dedication to my practice.”
    -MILLARD ROTH, DDS Laguna Hills Dental
  • “I have been a practicing Dentist in California for the past 17 years and have been fortunate enough to work with Ramona for the last 12 of them. Her inherent ability to come into a practice, evaluate processes, staff, systems and procedures and make the necessary adjustments is incredible. Her knowledge of the dental industry including insurance, various dental software and human resources is extensive and impressive.

    Ramona’s management style and teaching ability is invigorating. I highly recommend Ramona to any dental practice looking to achieve heightened levels of success.”
    -POOJA ASWANI, DDS Dr. Pooja Aswani, DDS